Automatic recirculation valve: what are they?and who use them?


What are automatic recirculation valve

This is well established thatautomatic recirculation valves (ARV) are multi-functional valves whose main production purpose is to safeguard and ensure they predetermined minimum average flow our homepage is always provided by a centrifugal pump. This is important because the centrifugal pump is prone to overheating and cavitation and can be permanently damaged when it is dry.

If the pump body is damaged or if the cavitation becomes unstable (especially when hot water is supplied with low equipment), the ARV automatically protects the centrifugal pump. If the pump flow is below the specified flow rate, the bypass will be fully open and our automatic cycle valve will have excellent performance and a long service life. It is used as a bypass valve and check valve to prevent overheating and cavitation of the pump and to prevent the return of a shutdown.

They are valves with many functions. The automatic recirculation valve includes all the equipment needed for a conventional bypass system in a single housing. The valve is composed of several important parts.

  • The check valve extends vertically from the pump inlet to the lower outlet. This do not only prevents backflow, it also provides excellent pulse damping.
  • The bypass valve operates by detecting the main flow and automatically controlling the flow to the bypass line. This eliminates the need for energy consumption, cabling control or instrument assistance.
  • The pressure release unit (shown on the right side) of the bypass section of the valve is designed to handle the process pressure drop at the pump inlet. Therefore, an automatic recirculation valve with check valve, bypass valve, minimum flow and pressure control valve is integrated.

Who uses automatic recirculation valves?

Automatic recirculation valve is used by engineers of all fields and high learning technicians in the construction and manufacturing sites to shield centrifugal pressured creating on pumps while turning, using some special manufactured valves. These special pumps are used in most construction sites, oil exploration sites, electrical panels, water purification sites and many more. They are commonly used to protect pumps that actually hold hot water in the boiler feeding plants or most cooling water plants to control partial evaporation of water to avoid drying up of the pump. Other fields or specialization that could make use of automatic recirculation valves to cushion or reduced centrifugal pressure on pump are listed below.

Applicable fields which can make use of automatic recirculation valves:

  • Steel factory
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper-making industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Fire protection system
  • Traditional power plant
  • Shipment/shipping
  • Environmental protection

Over the  many years of development and research carried on, the automatic recirculation valve has been known to control and prevent serious noise, overheating, unstable and erosion damage from the centrifugal pump under the low load operation. Also, the valve controls the pump mouth to avoid backflow when the flow rate of the pump falls below certain values.


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